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sporto-klubas-kaune-1Sports and fitness club “SAVAS” founded in 2003, in the city center, near the shopping center “Akropolis”. Its nice and cozy sport club for young and older visitors. A sports club kindly welcome new members everytime. People immediately appreciate the friendly and warm environment advantages. “SAVAS” sports club provides wide scale of fitness equipment for muscle and body development. Sports club includes a large number of cardio machines, which help get rid of unnecessary kilograms. You will give a positive stress on the heart and circulatory system.

During your workouts, you will be supervised by experienced coaches. They will instruct you carefully and correctly how to perform exercises with fitness equipment. They also will provide you an answers and advices on nutrition, training methodology and individual training programs. There will be will be enough attention for everyone! Sports club “SAVAS” mission – for a relatively low price to supply a high level of fitness and wellness services in the sphere of Kaunas city. For our residents and visitors will encourage meaningful and healthy spare time.


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Robertas Savickas

Club head coach. LVKKI graduate. General manager-pedagogical length of service - more than 30 years. Physical Education coach work experience - over 20 years.

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Rima Seniulienė

trainer LKKA Bachelor. Trainers work experience - over 15 years. Multiple Lithuania bodybuilding championships winners. European Championship 5V. winner. Serial International Cup winner.